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“I Drive Your Truck”

I heard an amazing song last night. “I Drive Your Truck” is a country hit inspired by a father whose son was killed while trying to rescue a wounded comrade in Afghanistan in 2006.

During a radio interview two years ago, Paul Monti (of Massachusetts) said he drove his late son Jared’s pickup truck to feel close to him. Nashville songwriter Connie Harrington heard the interview and, with two fellow songwriters, turned his thoughts into a touching, haunting ballad about loss and remembrance—I think it’s actually about a grieving brother. Recorded by country singer Lee Brice, “I Drive Your Truck” topped the country charts last month.

While driving last night, I heard Harrington and Monti on National Public Radio and got immediately choked up, both by their emotion and the song itself. Judging from the comments people have posted online, “I Drive Your Truck” has resonated with many veterans and military families. It resonated with me, too.

You can hear the NPR story here or watch “I Drive Your Truck” on YouTube.